Is this possible?


    If I purchase an iPhone from the Apple store/site, is my bill added to my current T-Mobile bill automatically or could I keep those payments separate from each other? Like, I have my boyfriend would like to purchase my phone for me and my mother would prefer her bill not to change.

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      • snn555

        Re: Is this possible?

        If you buy the phone from Apple than you pay Apple if you buy it from TMobile then you pay T-Mobile. these are not interchangeable so if you buy it from Apple it will not be on the TMobile Bill and vice versa.

        • endeavour1701

          Re: Is this possible?

          And also, purchasing it from Apple will avoid having a SIM-Lock applied. THen, it's hassle free.

          Also, since it's not sold by T-Mobile, T-Mobile can't apply a SIM-Lock to your phone in the future.

          Yes, you heard right, they can do that since they had the SIM-Lock applied in the past.


          Purchasing your iPhone from Apple is always the best solution, unless you get a really good deal from T-Mobile.



          But this is true, the payment is not going to the bill if you purchase from Apple. You pay Apple, or you setup a credit with them with Monthly payment.