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    Dear Sir,

    I have a black dot on my LGV30+ phone bought from T-mobile around Nov’ 2017.

    Around End of November I have requested for a warranty exchange at T-mobile store at 1071 Pine Plaza Dr, Apex, NC. The person at the counter inspected my phone and started warranty exchange process. She realized that I could not process an exchange because their computer system does not allow for an exchange on the last day of warranty [PROBLEM1].

    I called T-mobile customer care and they told me they will activate my Insurance [Fraud1 by T-mobile] and then they should be able to process my warranty exchange. This will cost me $15 for my Insurance and $5 for my exchange. I was okay to pay that money for convenience and asked them to start the process.

    The phone arrived at the store at around mid Dec. but when I went to pick up the phone the person at the store told me that they don’t have the phone. I called manager next day around afternoon and he told me that they have the phone but its Broken and they are sending it back.  Later when I called customer care they told me that Store returned the phone because I did not went to the store to pick up the phone.

    A second warranty exchange was processed around early Jan but nothing happened for 2-3 weeks. When I called T-mobile they told me that Exchange was not processed.

    A Third Exchange was processed and I got a message that we are sending your phone but after few days I got another message saying there was a problem in the shipment. Whereas when I went to the store later that phone was in the store [PROBLEM2].

    I got another message that phone has arrived and then when I went to the store, the person at the store told me that they cannot process the exchange. They don’t see any damage on my phone but they are worried that things will come on to them and they don’t want to take the responsibility and hence refused to do an exchange.

    I called customer care today but they are not able to help me.

    Please take this note as an Official notification to T-Mobile. I am requesting you to make Refund as per my messages on Facebook Messenger and T-mobile Chat.


    Saurabh Birla

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      • snn555

        Re: Warranty Exchange process complaint

        This is a customer forum.

        You can send a physical letter to TMobile from the Contact Us page. 

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Warranty Exchange process complaint

          Wow, this is a mess, but I'm thinking our social folks can help sort this out. As mentioned above, you're welcome to write a letter to the address on our contact us page, but I suggest giving our T-Force team a chance to look this over. You can reach them through the Facebook or Twitter links in my badge below or on our Contact Us page.

            • alexk13

              Re: Warranty Exchange process complaint

              i wanted to get a new iPad for my daughter’s birthday . i
              contact T-Mobile customer care back in February and was told i would need to do
              an insurance claim , after hanging up with that rep another rep called me back
              and said she could process a warranty exchange . i said ok! i told her the old iPad
              have some crack in it and she told me as long as the device works T-Mobile
              would except it . To my surprise i looked at my account a i have a $500 dollar
              bill!!!!!!!. I contact T-Mobile and was told by a very disrespectful person
              named Dj in the Richmond ,VA call center that he could not help me and the
              charge would stand!?.. i told the rep who processed my warranty exchange
              everything how can i do be charged!!!! i even told him to pull the call and
              said the notes was good enough. I feel like i was tricked into buying a new iPad
              which was not even brand new but refurbished . I have been with T-Mobile since
              2011 and of all my encounters the was tipped the scale... I would like a call
              from anyone who can resolve my issue please and thank you.


              Alexandria kelly

                • tmo_mike_c

                  Re: Warranty Exchange process complaint

                  Wow that's really no good this happened. To help clear things up, filing insurance claim is the correct thing to do for any device that's cracked. When processing a warranty exchange, which is different from an insurance claim, our Care folks read a script about sending in a device with damaged so it's a little confusing why a warranty exchange was processed for a damaged device. I wish I had another suggestion to get this resolved, but damaged devices are charged an out of warranty fee if sent back to us cracked.