DIGITS won't auto login


    The app needs a serious update.  People have been asking for auto login to work for over a year now.  There's even a checkbox on the login screen that says "Keep me logged in", but it does nothing.  I don't want to leave my computer on 24/7 and there's less risk of somebody stealing my desktop as there is my cell phone.  Please fix this.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: DIGITS won't auto login

        Thanks for posting to the community! We greatly appreciate your feedback on this The keep me logged in tick box is not an auto log in feature but rather just a feature to keep you logged in during your session as there is normally a timeout period.

          • dbldwn02

            Re: DIGITS won't auto login

            Thanks for the reply and clarification.  I was hoping the software would just boot up when I log in on my computer.  This would be the same as having Google Hangouts auto-starting when the computer is brought out of suspend or hibernation.  Having to do the login and 2-factor auth every time the computer boots is a pain and makes the software almost not worth using.