Surveillance malware?


    Malware has infected my zte blade n has hijacked my phone. It keeps disabling my lookout app n preventing me from updating anything. The fb app is not preinstalled because ive uninstalled it before however it wont let me uninstall it now. It keeps changing my password n making me reset it over n over. Plz help me?

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      • syaoran

        Re: Surveillance malware?

        Do a full factory reset through the phone's recovery, which can usually be accessed through holding Volume Up and Power when turning the device on.  Wipe cache, wipe data, factory reset.  The recovery options can vary from device manufacturer, OS version, and even more so if you are using TWRP and a custom ROM.

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        • snn555

          Re: Surveillance malware?

          Search your apps list in app settings.  Select All Apps and System Apps from the options .  Look for any app without a name at the bottom of the list. Uninstall that unnamed app.


          Then make sure developer options is turned off in your settings menu. Do not allow side loaded apks.

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            • hoeboe75

              Re: Surveillance malware?

              I have factory reset my phone wiped the cashe and as soon as I sign into my

              Gmail to set up the phone again I'm faced with the same situation. Somehow

              everyone of my photos in my Google account show an Africa location all of a

              sudden n my lookout is disable immediately n I'm unable to enable it or

              uninstall Facebook which is showing as a system app but never has before.

              Someone please tell me how to rid myself of this problem whether it's

              ransomware, surveillanceware or someone piggy backing me using my phone

              number. Do I need to get my number changed to solve this issue? Also can u

              decipher this attachment?

                • syaoran

                  Re: Surveillance malware?

                  Login and change your Google password, factory reset the device again, skip through the setup without logging in to your Google account, and disable internet access to the device.  Check the Google Play Store from the web and disable automatic installing and updating of apps and disable backup restoring.  While you are in there, remove any suspect apps from your library.  Open the Play Store, enable your data for it to load, go to settings, and stop anything from installing and change the setting to not automatically install or update apps. 

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                  • tmo_chris

                    Re: Surveillance malware?

                    Hey hoeboe75 I know it is a lot but did you do the steps that syaoran suggested?

                • tmo_mike_c

                  Re: Surveillance malware?

                  You've gotten some great suggestions from our fellow members. Please test them out and let us know if they help. Thanks!