Which mobile plan is better for me?


    Hello everyone how it's going?


    Well I just arrived in Florida (South Florida, since end of December) and at least I got an American number. I intend to get a basic mobile internet (can be limited) because I still don't got a job and and then I'm thinking in this some plan that I can use for: social media, Google Maps, Uber, WhatsApp and accessing some sites to read articles, as the mobile internet that I used when I lived in Brazil (yes I'm from Brazil). I don't intend to using YouTube by the mobile internet for a while.


    Which mobile plans do you recommend?


    Thanks for attention

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      • snn555

        Re: Which mobile plan is better for me?

        Look into the prepaid plans .

        • barcodeable

          Re: Which mobile plan is better for me?

          Based on what you stated you wanted.... i would look into getting the “ Coolpad Surf“ Wifi Hotspot device for approximately $75 with a postpaid Simple Choice Mobile 2GB Internet Plan for $10 a month plus taxes and fees or a 6GB PLAN for $25 a month plus taxes and fees. There are larger plans available... but the 2GB or 6GB will be what you are looking for. If you have fair to average credit i think there will be no issues.




          Simple Choice Mobile Internet plans for tablets, Wi-Fi HotSpots and SyncUP DRIVE are still available and include:


          • Unlimited data with between 2 and 22 GB of high-speed data, depending on your plan
          • Unlimited texting
          • Stretch your data farther with optimized, DVD-quality video streaming (480p)
          • Plans with 3GB or more high-speed get unlimited streaming from Netflix, HBO, ESPN and more with Binge On™
          • Stream unlimited music with Music Freedom
          • Texting & data (at up to 128 kbps) abroad in 140+ countries & destinations
          • In-flight texting on all Gogo®-enabled flights
          • Unlimited texting in Mexico & Canada, plus up to 5GB of 4G LTE data
          • Taxes and fees are excluded from this plans monthly recurring cost





          But, if there is a problem relating to your credit... then it may be wise to look at the prepaid plans as snn555 suggested...



          The customer service rep may try and sell you more than what you need or looking to buy... so I would advise you to stay focus and not allow them to take advantage of you durring the sale.



          Welcome to The United States

            • tmo_lauren

              Re: Which mobile plan is better for me?

              I couldn't have made a better suggestion than barcodeable did.

                • barcodeable

                  Re: Which mobile plan is better for me?

                  I have the 2GB mobile internet Plan and I have the 6GB Mobile internet Plan, so I know the advantages of having the 2GB versus the 6GB postpaid Mobile internet plans. I don’t have firsthand knowledge of the prepaid internet  plans but i don’t think you have the ability to text, and there is no BingeOn to watch unlimted Netflix, Vudu, Youtube, etc.,


                  but everyone have their own preferences, so I can only provide details based on my own experiences.

                  I use my 2GB mobile internet plan primarily for listening to radio/music apps

                  I use my 6GB mobile internet plan primarily for streaming videos


                  Im so very happy with the services i obtained from T-Mobile.

                  When my wife is getting her hair done... i usually go next door to the Verizon store and compare what I have with T-Mobile vs what they can offer me.


                  nThey wanted to sell me a 6GB Mobile internet plan for $40 + $20 Hotspot usage + $5 connected device fee + taxes and other fees + $15 per 1GB overage charges.... I told them i pay only $25 Dollars for my 6GB Mobile internet Plan + taxes and fees with no overages and I can text domestically and internationally with no other added cost....lol