Switched over from Verizon (and using IPhone X bought from Verizon).

    I recently switched over from Verizon and so far I am having the worst experience ever... I am literally receiving a download speed less than 1 mbps (sometimes as low as .22 mbps) when I am paying for HIGH SPEED unlimited data. I called today and was informed that the area I was using my data had great signals and that I should not have a problem. Once he found out that the IPhone X (that I am using currently) was bought from Verizon, I was told that the only reason he could think of is it originally being a verizon phone and that he recommends me BUYING A NEW PHONE FROM TMOBILE. However, I had asked the representatives multiple times (before switching over) if I will have any problems using a phone bought from Verizon. All three representative I have spoken to said IPhone X will have ZERO problems and all will be fine. Now they are saying that I should buy a new phone from T-mobile ??? I have then reached out to another agent via chat/message and she was kind enough to issue a ticket and give me a $20 credit... Unfortunately, I have to wait until next Tuesday (with this slow data) and (worst case scenario) will be told that I would have to buy a new phone from T-mobile. If that is the case, I really feel like it would be fair if T-mobile takes my current phone (Iphone X) and replace me with a T-mobile Iphone x at no cost. Not to mention this was not the only false advertisement/lie I was told by the sales rep. I had asked what plan and how much in total I would have to pay in order to qualify for the "Get Out of Red", and was told I just need to go with "PLAN ONE" ($70 in total if i sign up for auto payment) and show that I have been with Verizon for 90 + days. Fortunately, I was able to find out that I had to pay additional $15 (plus plan) on top of the $70(one plan) in order to qualify and did just that (or else I would have not received the reimbursement and would have been screwed) . I have to say I am very disappointed with Tmobile and I have only been a member for 3 days (except for the customer service. probably the only reason why I am giving it a chance and waiting for a solution). I just don't think it is fair to pay for "high speed" data when I am receiving a download speed less than 1 mbps and have their customer buy a new phone (when I was told I will not have a problem).


    Did anyone else move to T-mobile with the phone bought from previous carrier? If so, did you have the same problem and had to buy a new phone from T-mobile?

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