S9 update


    Have anyone heard directly from T-Mobile about why they put the update on hold?

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      • magenta2352875

        Re: S9 update

        I'm wondering the same thing,  in fact can anyone confirm that got the pie update?

        • johnspartan

          Re: S9 update

          I am getting conflicting reports.   


          Tmobile reps say its on hold with no specified release time frame.   Only to say "hopefully soon".


          Tmobile twitter says its still being pushed.


          Samsung tech says its still being pushed and no idea why the tmo site says on hold.

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: S9 update

            Hey, Everyone!


            Android Pie has been a hot topic around the Support Community lately. Yes, the update is currently on hold and we don't have any further info as to when it will begin rolling back out or why it was put on hold. You can keep an eye on this page for the latest updates to Pie.


            If you have additional questions related to Pie, please post them here So... Android Pie??? so we can continue to keep the Support Community nice and tidy.