Receiving charges for a suspended line


    If I suspend a line on my account for a few months, will I still get charged for that line during those months?

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        Re: Receiving charges for a suspended line

        You can find the answer to this question and several more regarding suspension of lines at this link. Suspend or restore your line

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        • skymorena

          Account suspensions


          Seasonal suspension

          You may voluntarily suspend your account twice per year for a maximum period of 90 consecutive days for each suspension. During a seasonal suspension, the account must remain current. You can suspend individual lines of an account, while other lines remain active. If you previously suspended your line within the last 12 months as a Seasonal Suspend the option/button to suspend the line on My T-Mobile will not be displayed until the end of the 12 month period.


          Multiline rate plan seasonal suspension fees

          • When all lines on a multiline rate plan are suspended, accounts are billed $10 per bill cycle for each suspended line. For example, if you suspend all lines on a four-line account, you are charged $40 per bill cycle.
          • When one or more lines on a multiline plan remain active, accounts are billed the plan's full monthly charge, including any data or additional features.
          • If an add a line that's not included in the multiline rate plan is suspended, the multiline rate plan will be charged plus a $10 fee for the suspended add a line.


          Individual rate plan seasonal suspension fees

          • For accounts with only one line on an individual rate plan, a suspended line is billed $10 per bill cycle.
          • If an account has multiple individual-line rate plans, the account is billed $10 for each suspended individual-line rate plan, and the full monthly charge for any active individual lines.
            For example: Say you have an account with three lines on the individual Simple Choice rate plan. You decide to temporarily suspend two of those lines. The two suspended lines are billed $10 per month, while the third non-suspended line is billed to the account for the full monthly charges, including any data and other features.