Moving to Guam for 2 years from USA





    I'm wondering how I can handle my phone/plan during the time I'll be spending in Guam. (Married to Navy sailor, he has orders there for 2 years). I think I would prefer to suspend my line for those 2 years and reactivate it when I return to the states. Is that possible? I'm having difficulty finding an answer to that.


    More specifically, is it possible to do so but keep/restore my original phone number upon return to the states? I'd be using a local Guam phone company during the 2 years I'd be living there in this scenario.


    Another option seems to be that I could keep my plan for free data and texting and .25c / min voice. Does anyone have experience with doing this, is it worth it? Even with the $55/mo? I've heard that with Guam companies you can get a plan for $20/mo so I would prefer that route over keeping my plan.



    Let me know if I need to be more clear, thank you in advance for your time and help!

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Moving to Guam for 2 years from USA

        Probably the best thing to do is to port your lines over to Google Voice. This will allow you to keep the lines and still receive calls, via the Hangouts app. It will cost $20 per line. When you return, you can port back to T-Mobile or whatever carrier you prefer.

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        • skymorena

          Re: Moving to Guam for 2 years from USA

          You can suspend your line.

          Account suspensions


          Military suspension

          A military suspension does not extend your contract. There are no monthly charges, taxes, or suspend fees while your account is under a military suspension. See how to suspend your line if you're about to enter active military service. You may suspend your account for a maximum of 39 months if you're being deployed and are a member of the:


          • US Army
          • US Navy
          • US Marine Corps
          • US Air Force
          • US Coast Guard
          • Officers of the Public Health Service on duty with the Army or the Navy


          Things to consider

          • Keep account current: During a military suspension, your account must remain current. This means you or an authorized user need to make monthly payments by the due date. If the account is suspended for nonpayment, it won't be restored to a military suspension once the balance is paid. You would need to re-restore the line. Other subscribers on the account are charged the normal monthly plan fee.
          • Monthly recurring charges: While on a military suspend, there are no monthly recurring charges, taxes, or suspend fees; however, if any features or plans share monthly recurring charges between a suspended line and an active line, you'll see normal monthly recurring charges. Any recurring charges will still need to be paid each month by the due date.
            For example: Say you're on an $80/month family plan. If there's one line that's active and one line on a military suspension, then the total amount billed is $80. But, if both lines have a military suspension, then the monthly recurring charge would be $0.
          • Equipment Installment Plan (EIP): If you have an EIP, monthly installment amounts continue to be charged and must be paid each month by the due date during a military suspension, regardless of whether your monthly recurring charges are suspended.
          • Making monthly payments: To keep the account current, there are several ways for you or an authorized user to pay your T-Mobile bill.