Text messages I send are arriving split into many small texts, why ?


    Text messages I send are arriving split into many small texts, why ?  I have a t mobile Galaxy S8, and when I text to a Sprint iPhone, and a Verizon Android (not sure which), my text message, say a moderate length (not near the 1000 char max but longer than the 160 char SMS size), or even shorter, will arrive in many small texts, and often not in order.  This started this past Friday, with virtually every text I send of any length at all.   Not seeing this problem to AT&T iPhones.  Also, if I send a pretty long text, say 750+/- characters, to the Verizon phone, as of Friday, it's not getting there at all.  Any ideas ?  Did I somehow do something to my phone settings ?  I cleared the messaging (I used the default text messaging app) app cache, and also the system cache, neither of which made any difference.

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      • snn555

        If possible, set message settings to send as MMS instead of SMS. Multimedia texts should stay together versus long texts that split.


        I had that issue when texting VZW people, Android Messages solved that for me.  They were sent split and out of order.

        • douglasl

          I got the Google texting app from the Play store, and by entering a subject (can't do that with the Samsung texting app), it forces the text to go MMS, which cured the problem with the recipient (Spring and Verizon) getting many smaller texts.  My guess is that, even if a longer (several hundred characters up to 1000, the max with the Samsung text app) text, it was still going SMS, not MMS.  But, if I have a longer text, say approaching 1000 chars or over, it's not getting to Verizon recipient at all.  Wasn't a problem before last Friday.  Wondering if t mobile pushed out some text message change, as both the Sprint and Verizon recipients saw my longer (SMS ?) texts start breaking up into many smaller ones, on Friday (1/25/19).

            • sam_k

              Hi douglasl,


              I'm pretty sure your issue has to do something with T-Mobile updating the Galaxy S8 with RCS universal profile support via software updates over the past few months.  Here's a link to an independent T-Mobile news site that mentions a software update for the Galaxy S8 that includes RCS support.



              Here's a link that explains RCS messaging.



              I have a feeling T-Mobile has been making other changes to their systems to support RCS messaging which is causing the issue that started happening to you because it also started happening to me over the past few weeks with my T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Active.  I'm pretty sure that Samsung didn't update their Messages app to properly support RCS but the Android Messages app does support it because once I switched to it, the issue went away for me as well.  However according to Samsung in the following September press release, they started collaborating with Google on RCS messaging for Android.



              I will be reaching out to Samsung support via email and Twitter to tell them that their app doesn't properly support RCS messaging.  According to the info I found on the "About" screen for the Samsung Messages app, I have the latest version installed which is version and it also mentions that I have the latest version of the Samsung Message Service app which is version  I couldn't find the Samsung Messages app in Google Play or the Samsung Galaxy Apps stores so it must installed as part of the software for the phone.

            • douglasl

              What exactly do you want me to test ?  That I send one text and it arrives as several, all jumbled up ?  Long texts used to convert to MMS on my phone (I'd see MMS by the message if I typed it long enough), but that never happens.

                • tmo_chris

                  Yeah, a few test text messages. Our folks over the phone will need those details to open the support request.

                    • lemlaw

                      There is nothing to test! This EXACT same thing started happening to me at the EXACT same time. Thanks tmobile for not letting us know this was a known issue. As a result, because I DID NOT REALIZE verizon customers were receiving my texts in a jumbled mess, I have LOST CUSTOMERS. This is really unacceptable. This whole tmobile android not talking properly to verizon iphones is something that was solved a few years back, but i would STILL have problems off and on. But this utter and COMPLETE breakdown in communications which include other androids makes this just an obscene cluster****.




                      I am literally beyond upset at this point and especially when tmobile acts like it doesn’t know what the customer is talking about..like it needs to run “tests”.  PLEASE. It is not necessary to insult our intellgence and treat us like a bunch of idiots. Although... perhaps we are if we continue to use tmobile...

                        • tmo_chris

                          lemlaw & magenta7820772


                          This is something that we can definitely address. Here on a public community forum, we do not have access to customer accounts to open up the necessary support tickets with the engineers to investigate this. If you prefer written correspondence and have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team who will have full aces to your account and will be able to open the necessary support tickets for this.

                            • sam_k

                              Chris, the issue started happening to multiple people at the same time which means something changed on the Tmobile systems processing text messages and/or the software updates to these phones resulted in the issue.  Looking at each individual person will not solve the issue.  I'm speculating that the changes that T-Mobile, Samsung and/or Google are making to support RCS messaging is causing the issue.  When i switched from using the Samsung Messages app on my Gakaxy S8 Active to the Google Messages app that I installed from Google Play the issue seemed to go away.  As a IT developer someone should be testing these changes with phones on other carriers to make sure issues don't exist.  The person who posted about losing customers over this has a right to be upset. This should never have happened.

                      • magenta7820772



                        everything worked fine until the 9.0 android update now we all look like idiots when we text anyone!  This is not acceptable. 


                        I just spent an hour+ with tmobile customer service & they could do absolutely nothing.  Had no interest in taking my info or creating a ticket.  Basically it was "its a known issue, it's going to keep happening, and there is nothing we can do"

                        An actual copy and paste from what "Veronica" told me: From what my supervisor and the Experts are telling me, that this is going to be an ongoing issue and there is no way to change it.


                        "there is nothing we can do" - tmobile - really???



                        • magenta7820772

                          I would also like to point out how incredibly clowny it is that a t-mobile employee marked this thread as "answer provided" when tmobile is also saying "we can't do anything for you & we expect this will continue".


                          This is so wildly unacceptable. 

                          • magenta7820772

                            EVERYONE -


                            Since T-Mobile Support clearly has no interest in this issue as they have failed to:


                            - say what the issue is

                            - give any sort of indication they are working on it

                            - provide any ETA for resolution


                            Instead, they have laughably just told customers to stop using SMS, but continue to charge us for a service they acknowledge isn't working and are even SUGGESTING we don't use.


                            Everyone needs to email T-Mobile CEO john.legere@t-mobile.com to get someone to actually care about this issue. 


                            T-mobiles customer support and the way they have responded to this is wildly unacceptable and I am certain John would like to hear about it...


                            Please email.