Group text won't send


    I have certain group text threads that I can no longer send texts.  Other threads and SMS messages work fine. Using a Note9 with default (Samsung?) Messages App.  TIA for your help!

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      • snn555

        Re: Group text won't send

        Is it possible that you have a message limit per thread we're no further messages can be sent or received after that limit is reached?


        Perhaps taking the limit off or increasing the limit might help.

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        • syaoran

          Re: Group text won't send

          When a chat is closed by others, it no longer accepts new messages.  Turn off the chat features in the spp to avoid this annoyance.  I am not sure if this annotance is related to a bug with RCS, Samsung's Messages app, or poor third party compatibility.  You will have to start a new group text once the chat options in the app settings are turned off.