Getting data on Ipad without TMobile


    Hi all,

    I used to be able to get a data plan on my ipad even though I don't have a Tmobile cellular account. Now it seems that I am locked out of the account, can't reset it without a prepaid PIN whatever that is, can't reset the PIN without going to a store, etc. Calling support without a Tmobile phone number is almost impossible and they don't seem to understand a stand alone pre-paid data plan. I'm not able to set up another account. At this point I'm being forced to use another carrier, but Tmobile has the best prices on those plans when you can get them.

    Is there a way to start over since I keep getting my account locked for 24 hours at a time?

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      • natey2

        Re: Getting data on Ipad without TMobile

        I use the Mobile Hotspot feature on my T-Mobile phone, and connect my iPad mini via WiFi to it.

        Don't need a separate data plan for my iPad mini (that has an AT&T SIM card).

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        • magenta7684157

          Re: Getting data on Ipad without TMobile

          I have the same problem and was hoping for an answer. I do not have a tmobile phone, so a hotspot is not an option. I simply wanted to renew the data only plan that tmobile offered the first time around, but cannot seem to do that. I also do not know the pin number, and do not live remotely near a tmobile store. Does anyone know of any other way to get around this? I also tried to set up another account, but that does not work either.