What to do about this last month with tmobile. I cant decide whether to stick it out or find another service


    This last month with tmobile has broken me down overwhelmed and left me on the verge of tears. I needed a new device as my lg k30 was in a bucket of rags with some pine sol and didn't like it much at all, so I went into my local store where they sold me on pre paying 2 months of my plan and I would receive a T-Mobile revel 2 free of charge, then the problems started rolling in and affecting almost all faucets if my life.  First nobody told me that the T-Mobile app no longer works for prepaid customers and somehow my repeated attempts to access it triggured T-Mobile to lock me out and my first call in to support where pretty much no one has done anything or seem to know anything about anything so the rep couldn't wouldn't unlock my account so I waited 24hours still could not access my account or make calls or txts went into the store got the manager to call into tech support and eventually she talked to someone who did something and I could talk and text and had to rush to meet a client. Still trying to check my account and worried about getting locked out again made calls into tech support every few days and told a million different things that it was fixed and to wait 24 hrs try again that it was escalated and engineering will contact me so on so forth. Then yesterday my service is suspended somehow my autopay was cancelled (Not by me cause I can't access my account) which should not have mattered cause I prepaid 2 months to start this fiasco. And btw the revel 2 phone is a frustrating buggy piece of crap phone. With my account suspended I missed out on 4hours work with a client and I looked to be unreliable. I'm tired of typing but the situation is intolerable and I'm not getting the support or answers should be.

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