Am I charged for texts from T-Mobile to me?


    Hi, I just got the $3/mo plan, and already received 5-7 text messages from T-Mobile ("notifications" is maybe the correct term?)... am I charged for texts I receive from T-Mobile? (I did not respond to any.)


    Also, I redeemed a prepaid card when I signed up, and it said the card was worth $40... but then when I logged in, it showed no service balance available. So I clicked to "redeem a card" and entered the same card#, then it showed a $40 balance, but said it was for "1/16/19 - 2/16/19" ... I am hoping the $40 is good for more than a month, and that the $3/mo (+ tax) will be deducted each month... so that I don't have to add more for several months, [assuming I don't go over the 30m/30texts a month].  Do I have that right?



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