First spam text message via


    Received a fishing message to my phone via The sender's address appears as another address, but since email senders name (the From: header) is trivially faked, I have no reason to think it's actually the sender's address.


    Since the sender's address is probably bogus, there's no reliable way for me to block that address.


    Is there any point in contacting TMO support to find out the true origin of this message?


    On a slightly lighter note, this was a bogus warning about my Amazon account, which directed me to "" for resolution.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: First spam text message via

        I don't think I've seen a message like that before. So to be clear, it's coming from a sender with a fake name followed by It's not a number? Are you getting repeat messages or was there only one?

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: First spam text message via

          Good morning, rbob!


          I just wanted to swing by to see if you had any updates for us. Have you received anymore messages like the one you mentioned?

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            • rbob

              Re: First spam text message via

              Sorry to have wandered off ...

              I've only received 2; the one I mentioned and another intended to look like it was from Amazon.

              Both were apparently from a address with a phone number. I didn't bother to save any of the info, but if it gets to be routine, I start keeping track.

              Is there any mechanism for reporting this sort of thing? I have no idea if it's possible to spoof the sender's address. If they're likely to be bogus, deleting them is probably the most reasonable thing to do.


              Just got a new phone. Took advantage of the Google Pixel 3a trade in offer and turned in my old Pixel for a new 3a. Hope I don't have to spend too much time hanging out in the Android support forum.