Phone number porting - when will it end?


    I switched over to T-Mobile on Saturday, January 5th and my phone number from my previous provider still hasn't ported over. I've called T-Mobile several times about this issue. First I was told to wait 24 hours, then I was told to wait 72, and then I was told that there was an issue with their system and that there was a long list of phone numbers which were stuck, waiting to be ported. I called yesterday and was told my number had been "expedited" but that it could still take up to 72 more hours. Meanwhile, I've had to pay my old phone provider for another month's service because I still need to use my old phone number. I was switching to T-Mobile because I thought they had better service, but I'm not so sure now. Now I've paid for TWO phone plans for one month and I still don't have my number ported. I'm on day 11. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how long did you have to wait and was T-Mobile able to help you more than they're helping me?

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