T-Mobile SIM not recognizing phone as unlocked


    Hey there.


    I am ping-ponged between T-Mobile and Sprint support with this question. Maybe someone here can help me.


    I have a Galaxy S8 that my company let me keep when they moved to a "bring your own device" model. The device has not been used on a mobile network for several months. According to Sprint three times, this phone is unlocked both domestically and internationally.


    I want to use my current T-Mobile SIM from my Galaxy S7 in this unlocked device. However, when I put the SIM in the device, I get a message to contact Sprint to unlock the phone. T-Mobile support says they've tried everything they can, but they can't figure it out. They say the IMEI doesn't show up in their system.


    How can I activate my T-Mobile SIM in this unlocked phone?





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