Basic phone for child, talk/text, no data, no WiFi, no picture messaging


    Hi, I've been a T-Mobile customer for so many years, I don't remember how many -- back from the days when everyone complained "But the coverage is so bad!" I really want to stay with T-Mobile but this problem might be a deal-breaker.


    I want a very basic phone for a child. I do not want data or the ability to connect on WiFi. I want the child to be able to talk and text but no picture messaging.


    Other carriers seem to have fairly new phones that are limited (say, some of the Nokias that will work on AT&T), but T-Mobile does not seem to. This is a niche market that many families would appreciate!


    When I look at other phones and think about bringing them over to T-Mobile, I hear that 3g just won't work reliably. Of course having an emergency phone for a child, I want to make sure it's possible to talk/text.


    Is it possible to get a set-up like this with T-Mobile or not? This is driving me slightly crazy! Thanks for the help.


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