Who do I have to talk to about fixing my account?  Data Usage is not right


    Who do I need to call in regards to my phone data usage being completely wrong.


    My phone billing plan reset yesterday. Yet, somehow, Tmobile decides to not reset my data usage.  I somehow ended last month with 5.2GB (nevermind that I never used that much anyway).  But anyways.  My plan "reset" yesterday.  Yet, somehow, the first day, I am at 5.2GB


    I called support and they are unable to help.  They just tell me I used 5GB of data somehow.    Nevermind that according to my phone, my Mobile Date Usage is 5.7 MB.  Yes, MB, NOT GB.


    This is the 2nd month in a row this has happened.  I am not sure when it happened in December (wasn't paying attention, as in the 4 years before, I don't use much data in the first place.  I average maybe 1GB a month).  So this month's reset I was keeping daily track of when the data spiked.  Of course, the FIRST DAY, I am at 5GB?


    This is a joke. 

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