T-Mobile Unable to Network Unlock Device


    Hi Folks,


    Hoping that anyone can help me at this point. Not sure what to do next.


    Going outside of the country for a bit and would like to use a SIM and services on that country.


    I understand that the phones needs to be unlocked for this to work. So i checked to see if it was locked by using a friend's SIM card from ATT.  Indeed it was locked.


    Then i went my local T-Mobile and they immediately said to call customer service or try a SIM from another friend to verify that it was unlocked.


    I called my T-mobile Experts, they did not have an option to unlock it since it was not a 'TMOBILE device' but they transferred me to the technical Dept. They tried to unlock but could not do it as well. They also asked me to try the Device Unlock tmobile app, that did not work. It gave me a 'unlocked failed' error.


    They recommended to call samsung to get it unlocked, which i did.  Spoke to the technical rep and he said that only carriers can network unlock phones which made sense to me.


    I called T-mobile back with this information and they encouraged me to try a friend's SIM with a different carrier to see if it was locked. I verified again that this was the case.


    At this point i'll take any advice i can get.  Thanks for your help in advance.


    I purchased a phone outright from samsung.com (Note 9), during the purchase selection it gave me options of all carriers. I selected T-MOBILE since i use their service.

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