Can T-Mobile One plans get the 15% government discounts?


    Hi - I'm frustrated.  Long time (10 year+) T-Mobile customer.  I live minutes from their HQ, in Washington State.  Wife started new job as a teacher in a school district, and they offered her the 15% T-Mobile discount (they also offer deals from ATT, Verizon, Spring).  I called to get it, and they said we're not eligible because we have T-Mobile One, which is already considered a discounted plan.  YET, T-MO One is really the only plan a new person can get (I guess, essentials, too).  It's the only plan they advertise.  It's what most people have.  And yet they continue to advertise an offer to teachers that says you can get 15% off. 


    That seems wrong.


    Why advertise a discount to people - and make us call in and ask for it, wait on hold, etc - when it doesn't apply to the very plan that probably 80% of your customers have?  Why not just pull the offer all together? 


    Super frustrating.  Feels like a fine print bait-and-switch.  Especially if they consider their core plan - T-Mo One, the plan anyone and everyone gets when they sign up - to be disqualified as it's already a "special" offer/discounted.  Doesn't feel discounted - feels like their normal plan.  It's literally available anytime, and the only core plan featured on their site anymore. 


    I didn't get any special deals when I signed up for a few months ago - brought my own phones, don't have special discounted lines.  Seems my family should be eligible for a discount OR they should pull their misleading discount info from the school district, and not offer it up to new employees as a benefit. 


    I called T-Mobile (using the phone number on the discount flyer from the school) and they said we're not eligible. 


    Was hoping maybe someone who owns this program (emailed someone named Christine on the flyer who works at T-Mo, never got a reply) might review this and work to end the program or offer an alternative to the vast majority of customers who are on the T-Mo One plan.



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