#getoutofthered reimbursement process


    I hope someone can help. When I switched to T-Mobile from Verizon a couple days ago, they submitted the reimbursement request in the store with me and made sure I was eligible. We sumbitted a picture showing the necessary info (the phone #, how many installments I had paid, etc.) They told me I would get text updates about it, and when I left I got a text saying that it was denied and after calling I found out it was because the photo didn’t say the exact phone model. So I resubmitted a picture that does, and it was again denied because It didn’t say the exact amount that I still owe on my phone (although it said how much I paid out of the full amounr (for example: $550 out of $1000.) but somehow this still wasn’t good enough. Can someone PLEASE tell me what document they are wanting and where I can find it?? I’ve searched everywhere for something else to send them but they keep finding a tiny reason to deny my reimbursement request. What ever is on my monthly bill or device information page is not good enough.

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