Options on ESIM plans


    along with an ESIM plan you get with the app (like the Simply Prepaid or TMobile One Prepaid, can you get options like stateside international calling?
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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Options on ESIM plans

        Good question! You can add Stateside International Talk service to Prepaid plan options costing $40/mo or higher. The $15 Stateside International Talk service gets unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to 36+ countries, plus unlimited landline calling to 70+ countries and discounted rates to virtually the rest of the world. If you’re on our T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice North America rate plan (launched on 7/15/15), the $15 Stateside Intl Talk service will work from Canada and Mexico, just like in the U.S.

          • guillaumebonnet

            Re: Options on ESIM plans

            Thank you for your answer, but I understrand that this is for the basic prepaid plans (Simple Choice North America Plan doesn't exist on ESIM).
            But what about the ESIM plans? I've got the app for iPhone, and the only thing i have is the choice between the three plans, then directly indicate my payment information. Does that mean this option is just for regular, physical sim cards, or will I have the choice to add this option only after I purchase the ESIM plan?