Digits not receiving/sending text nor getting notification on apple watch


    Have Digits set up on an iphone.


    Two issue:

    1. SMS are not showing up or coming up as a notification on the iphone that has Digits app installed.  I do see incoming calls showing up on notification(similiar to how if someone was calling the iphone directly).


    2. When receiving a call the digits app forces iphone notification (as stated above).  It's as if someone was calling the number directly.  The issue though is I have an apple watch gps series 4 (paired with the iphone) but I do not receive any incoming call notifications.  Sometimes I'm not near the phone but have the watch on, I'd like to get notification on the watch that someone is calling me on the digits app.  If someone is calling the iphone # directly I'll get notifications of calls and texts on the watch.  But if it's from digits, I do not get any notification.

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