Loads of questions about new pay as you go plan... Tmobile is no help


    I spent a couple hours on the phone yesterday getting disconnected / connected to people that handle postpay accounts, business accounts, etc even when entering my phone number and pin (so the system SHOULD know what type of plan I have).  When I get reps, they don't understand my questions.  They ask me questions they should have already - how do you spell your last name... and then they spell it wrong. Even though it was on the SIM order.  They don't have an email address for me - I had to call them to be able to log into my account online.  But I gave them an email address when I ordered the SIM.  AND I got a welcome email when I put the SIM in the phone.




    You guys actually like tmobile?  Trying to set up a phone for my father to have... Likely only for emergencies.  So the prepay $3 / month plan with 30 min / text combination will work. But the grief we';ve been through and haven't even used the phone is making us regret this decision.


    Trying to port his phone number to this new account. Ordered the sim and entered my email, the number to port.


    Got the SIM... do we need to activate it or wait till the porting is done. We get someone who says yes, activate now (is that right?)

    So the phone doesn't work but yet we already are into our 1st month. Who knows when they'll finish the porting.  We have a boat anchor right now.

    We got a bunch of welcome texts from tmobile.  They say that their texts don't count towards the 30 min / text... but logging in so far, I see 4 texts going against the 30 count.The t mobile texts are the only ones we got.

    Do unanswered incoming calls count towards the 30?

    Do unanswered outgoing calls count towards the 30?

    Does that plan get voicemail?  I saw something about call #793# to get your voicemail password... and I get an error message - can't send.


    I try chatting with them. they ask 'do you have an account' I say yes, the chat window says to log in (I already am logged into the account on that web page).


    and I can only post in the magenta lounge?! What the hell is that?  Who is here? How about in account questions.  What a pitiful company.

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      • dc5fan

        I have a prepaid account. it is the Pay As You Go $3 a month plan.Do you live far from a T-Mobile store? If you do that might be a better place to get your questions, and maybe the account set up. I will try to answer your questions as best as I can. I have been with my plan for 16 months.


        Yes, I actually like T-Mobile. I had been with AT&T for 14 years. When I signed for service I went to a T-Mobile store. The rep checked to make sure my S5 (unlocked) would work on T-Mobile (it did). He got the SIM card I needed, and did the settings for the phone. He said to wait for at least 2 hours before the number would port. After 2 hours the number ported, and I could use the phone. The porting should not have taken a month.I don't do texting or send messages. Receiving texts from T-Mobile aren't suppose to count against your 30 minutes.If your Dad isn't going to text OR send messages have those 2 services shut off.Unanswered calls are not counted against, but unanswered calls will be charged. If you misdial a number and stop it ASAP you may not be charged. I have done this a time or two, and sometimes I am charged, and sometimes I'm not. I don't do voicemail because I think you are charged for them, but I could be wrong. If I see a number I don't recognise I don't answer. I have tied to answer your questions as best as I can. It is 5:12 PM CT where I live. Is there a store close by? They may not close for another couple of hours. Before you jumped in the water here did you do any research about T-Mobile? Me? I spent 2 weeks before I made the plunge.