Invalid phone number


    When I link phone  number, there is error. "Please verify your 10 digit T-Mobile phone number is correct."

    I used the number 2 years ago. How can I use it?

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      • snn555

        Re: Invalid phone number

        Have you maintained service with that phone number for the entire time? If at any point you were no longer using that phone number then it went back into the general pool to be used again elsewhere by someone else.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Invalid phone number

          snn555 asked a great question. Please let us know the answer or keep us posted if you were able to use the number.

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: Invalid phone number

            Good morning, sj60414!


            Were you able to get this figured out? If not, please let us know the last time you refilled your T-Mobile account. As  snn555 mentioned, your number may belong to another customer/carrier if it was deactivated for a certain period of time.

              • lugiaco79

                Re: Invalid phone number

                I also have the same problem. I switched from a $50 top up plan to a $40 but I had to change the sim. Went to a Tmobile shop, we changed the sim card. Got a temporary number and then switched back to my original number. I topped up the $40 amount and used the phone for a month. Now that it is time to top up again, i  cannot access my account, I cannot create a new one and every time i get a confirmation code (which is always the same) I get the same error message "Please verify your 10 digit T-Mobile phone number is correct.". Also, my account has been discontinued and i cant reach TMOBILE via phone, nor online via chat, cause I cannot access my account.

                Please advise!!!!