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Bill jumped


    My bill jumped from $313 in December to $581 this month.. why? I was told I could save $30 a month from moving from the taxes excluded plan (I also had 2 free lines) to the taxes and fees included plan. This was done by an associate. We have 9 lines, 2 data plans. Not only has T-Mobile screwed us with eSIM support, now my bill is almost double. We are moving to att on Jan 17th due to their negligence in all they have done. The eSIM was my breaking point here. You reading this T-Mobile?! I am DONE with your lousy company!

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      • dogandbone

        Re: Bill jumped

        My company new lines are already elsewhere.

        • barcodeable

          Re: Bill jumped

          When a rep tells me they can save me money... i tell them to explain how. I let them spend 15 minutes on their sales pitch... and then I tell them how awesome my plan is already, and “Please don’t change my plan”. When Im at the T-Mobile store and when the associate is looking on their screen at my account, they are unable to see the credits applied to your account. So, the sales associate calculations are based on inaccuracies. They probably saw on their screen... your overall bill was $611 without any credits applied. I know my bill better than them, so I tell them to tell me how much my bill will be based on their calculations.... and not just tell me they can save me $50 dollars a month. Once they say they can bring my bill down to $310 if i switch to the Tmobile ONE Plan.... i tell them I currently only pay $210 dollars.


          You can’t trust “I can save you $30 a month”.... ask for the total projected bill.


          Whenever T-Mobile notices customers jumping ship as you are doing, they will put a stop to these unauthorized Plan changes. Who would agree to pay more for the same services?


          Great you found another carrier

          • tmo_lauren

            Re: Bill jumped

            Hey there!


            That's a huge jump, and we certainly should be ensuring the changes we offer are what we say they are.


            I'm unable to view accounts through here on support, but I suggest reaching out to T-Force on FB or Twitter to see if they have any options. I know you mentioned you're already switching, but we'd still like to have them see what happened and if there's anything we can do to help.



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              • victorscarlo

                Re: Bill jumped

                Hey! Yes, after speaking to them multiple times and for lengthy hours, it seemed as though it was corrected... up until looking at my current bill. I don't want to spend another hour or two talking to incompetent reps to only be told it's been corrected and it wasn't. I'm tired of the back and fourth with the reps. I just want someone who can help me get this fixed. My bill is due on 1/18 in the amount of $421... if this is NOT fixed by then and corrected, we are not paying the bill and moving on to ATT. I'm done with the lousy support I have received.

                  • barcodeable

                    Re: Bill jumped

                    You may regret changing carriers before this billing issue is resolved.


                    I would strongly suggest to fix the problem now, and not ignore the bill and go to another carrier. Once you ignore the bill, more than likely your account will be forwarded to a debt collector and once it get there... it will be 100 times harder to fix the billing problem and thus ruining your credit. Please try and fix this issue with a knowledgeable T-Mobile Representative and then once your problem is solved (then consider making a switch to another carrier).

                    • tmo_mike_c

                      Re: Bill jumped

                      I agree that's a big difference between the bills. There's gotta be something we can look at to see what happened. Have you compared the lower bill to the current one to see where the charges differ?  For example, financing a phone (or multiple phones) can be a difference maker.