Ordering a new SIM while overseas


    Hi, so I have a bit of a cyclical problem and wondering if I can get it resolved online.


    I currently have a t-mobile account, however, I have moved overseas and switched phones. In the process I have lost my original T-Mobile SIM card. I would like to go about ordering a new SIM card, however I cannot login to my my-tmobile account as I cannot verify my identity through SMS verification. And I had a lot of trouble setting up a new account because it says my phone number was already registered and kept forcing me to login and verify said phone number.


    I am wondering what steps I need to go through to order a new sim.


    Any help would be much appreciated.





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      • syaoran

        Re: Ordering a new SIM while overseas

        T-Mobile does not ship SIM cards outside of the US.  You can either have someone in the US go into a store and pick one up for you and ship it to you or you could order one through Amazon though and have it shipped to you.  Once you have your SIM, give Customer Care a call to activate that SIM on your account.  This is somewhat of an annoyance as I have had to replace my SIM when up in Canada on a couple of occasions.  Once was way back when I was a prepaid costumer and literally had to take a day trip to Buffalo to get that replaced and the second time was when I went from prepaid to postpaid while up in Canada.  My girlfriend had to ship me up my SIM, which was active, but my prepaid number remained active until I ported it over to the postpaid SIM.  Although not a common issue for most customers, it is something T-Mobile could definitely improve upon. 

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Ordering a new SIM while overseas

          Unfortunately I think it is going to be a little more complicated than syaoran mentioned. Even if you do get the SIM card shipped to you, to change the SIM card, you will also need to verify a one time SMS pin we send.


          In the situation of having someone in the US send you the SIM card, they would also need to have that SIM activated on your number before they send it. There are 2 potential issues here. If you don't have anyone on your account that is in the US that is already an authorized user, you cannot add an authorized user to your account without verifying a one time pin. If they are on your account as an authorized user, they would have to visit a store with a government ID to bypass the one time pin requirement to change the SIM card number for your line.