Billing nightmare with 4 lines for $140


    Billing Nightmare with 4 lines for $140 promo - does this deal actually work for anyone?


    Very long story - I signed up for T-Mobile about a year and a half ago, specifically waited until the 4 lines for $140 promo was running. That plus the kickback for limited data use should put my bill at $100. There was not a T-Mobile store near me at the time, so I called in to set up my account. Asked the rep if I could get this deal, he said yes. Next asked if kickback could be combined with it, also told yes.


    Each month my bill was off, at first by $10, then by $20. I would call to get my bill corrected (about 16 times now). Every time, first thing I asked was, ok, I have this promo, right? and each rep said yes. They would do a manual adjustment, same thing next month. Heard many different stories about why the promos didn't work, etc.


    My account showed a starting rate of $170/month when I started out, which didn't make sense to me. I later realized that there is a $5/line credit for auto-pay, which brings it to $150, then with $10/line kickbacks, $110. Still didn't match the expected $140 down to $100 with kickbacks (sometimes we used more data, but math worked out similarly, always $10 over). About half way through this ordeal it got worse. My base rate is now $180, so with auto-pay and kickbacks it is $120 instead of the previous $110, still not the expected $100.


    This went of for a while, had to explain the situation over and over, but at least the reps were nice and adjusted my bill to the expected amount, until last month. I finally got a "higher level" rep who basically told me I don't get the deal.


    I am pretty angry at T-Mobile. After stringing me along for a year and a half to be told: the deal we advertised on our site, that the sales rep said you would get, and over a dozen help reps confirmed that you have, you just are not going to get.  This is really false advertising and deceptive marketing.


    Not sure what to do at this point, wanted to like t-mobile, but this makes it impossible. Probably changing cariers again soon.

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