LG V30 problems using multi-line system


    I don't use Digits because;

    1) Can't tell which line is ringing.

    2) When using digital only, phone doesn't ring but only goes to VM.

    3) Line color coding is no longer available.



    While using multi-line;

    1) I get double texts on my sim line.

    2) Multi-line loses connection every few days.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: LG V30 problems using multi-line system

        What software version are you using? Do you have DIGITS installed on the phone when you're having the trouble with the multi-line function? I'm also curious exactly what's happening when you lose connection with the Multi-Line. Are you losing signal or just not able to use the service?

          • saxxman

            Re: LG V30 problems using multi-line system

            a) The software version on my LG V30 is: H93220p

            b) I don't use Digits for the reasons I put in my post.

            c) The two multi-line numbers loose connection. I have to go into the settings. Turn the lines off and on again. Then I get them back. The problem is that I only find out the lines weren't working when I get a missed call notification.

            d) Since you didn't bring it up, I assume you already know about the double texts? If I have multi-line turned off, I don't get double texts. If I have it on, I get double texts on my main (SIM) number.


            Thanks for the follow-up!

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: LG V30 problems using multi-line system

                I seen the double messages coming in when the DIGITS app is installed, but I haven't seen this issue with the multi-line setting alone. It's hard to say if this is an issue with the DIGITS service or a possible problem with the software on the phone. If you're missing calls in multiple locations, it's making me lean more towards the need to file a Trouble Ticket. Have you tried wiping the cache on the phone? Might be a stretch, but it could be worth a shot to get this resolved.

                  • saxxman

                    Re: LG V30 problems using multi-line system



                    I've reloaded the os to the phone at least ten times.

                    As for missing calls in multiple locations, I don't know what that means. My descriptions have been pretty clear. In my mind I've not said that. I won't use Digits until it's a workable piece of software. If I can't tell what number a call is coming in on, it's not workable. If I set it to digital only, then the calls get missed.


                    I'm only interested in using the multi-line system for now.






                      • tmo_mike_c

                        Re: LG V30 problems using multi-line system

                        I appreciate you troubleshooting this on your own. I was asking if this happens just at phone, for example or is this happening wherever you go. If you're currently not subscribed to the DIGITS service because of these issues, it'll be tough to get this resolved. As I mentioned before, we don't have any reports of this being an issue with DIGITS or with this specific device. if you do opt for DIGITS, and it's continues to have issues, you can have a Trouble Ticket filed with our TEX or T-Force folks and our internal teams can figure out what's going on with the service.