Havnt been able to pay bill now service is deactivated


    For the past week I havnt been able to pay my bill, it keeps coming back with "unknown error occurred" I've tried all my cards possible and some friends and family's and even tried charging just $1 to each to make sure it's not an issue of the cards being declined. I don't know why I can't pay my bill and even more why is service canceled now??? If y'all don't want my money it's ok I'll go with another carrier, paying $75 each month per line without any discount for each line to get 1 or 2 bars if I have service where I live now isn't worth it anyway. And still havnt gotten my free Netflix and it was supposed to be resolved "very soon" about 6 months ago I'm just done with it and the  deactivation fees on top of rushing the next pay-period on with my "supposed" past due balance. I see no logical reason in even now giving $1. I'm obviously going to get a Generalistic "robot" response but if these fees and rushed Past due balance  amounts arnt retracted then don't expect anything at all this is ridiculous

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