Bait & Switch One Plan


    On 11/30/2018 I went to store for new phone and to add a line for my mother in law.  After I got a new Note 9 and added a line. I was assured by the sales girl that my bill would not increase over $188.00 inclusive of insurance, new phone and line!  I speak to a customer service rep on 12/24 and he credited my account some mistakes and once again assured me that my bill would be $188. and my auto pay would come out on 12/25 giving me the $20 credit.  On 1/6 we noticed that the auto pay did not take place and that our phone bill now is $257.00.  I contacted customer care on 1/6 and she did not know what I was talking about and did not have any specific details of my call on 12/24.  I went to store on 1/8 and spoke to the sales girl who took care of me on 11/30 and actually wrote her name on my phone IEP receipt and assured me that if I had any problems with my bill to come back. Today she has amnesia and insists that I choose to pick a higher cost plan!!! I now pay $180 a month for plan and $25 each for two other lines.  What crazy person would pick a higher priced plan. Now they say that I took the TV promo. Well, I was not told about the free TV until after I paid my $389.14 for my new phone, SiM card and add new line!!! Today we called again customer care from the store and now my bill is $257.00 a month.  Nobody should have the right to change your plan without your consent ( they probably get commission) without clear information and a signed consent form from the customer!!!  How can this now be my word against the sales girl word?  What about the recording for my call on 12/24?  I want my account fixed and I intend to file complaints with the  FTC and FCC because this needs to be illegal.  I in possession where the original notes were written where the sales girl told me more than 3 times that the bill would be $188.00 and on 12/24 during my call with customer care the person told me specifically that my bill would be $189.87.  T-Mobile I did not make up these numbers!!! Your staff provided these numbers to me and in the process provided me with false and misleading information that is causing my family undue financial hardship.

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      • barcodeable

        Re: Bait & Switch One Plan

        “I went to the store....” unfortunately that’s how it starts.... and a high bill and/or a new plan change is how it ends.


        Here are three examples of the “I WENT TO THE STORE” that i noticed on the T-Mobile Forum. You are not the only one this has happened to. All of the carriers have customer service representative that use this tactic to generate more money for their paycheck. I even had a car salesman sell me a car.... and while i was waiting for them to clean and polish my car, they removed the chrome wheels and replaced them with cheap factory wheels. A salesman is a salesman no matter what product is being sold. This will be the second time i give my 2 cents regarding a solution. There should be some sort of LOCK on your cellular plan. A representative shouldn’t be able to just willy nilly change your plan that you may have had for years....




        Unauthorized plan change


        I hope you get things straightened out... i hate when this happens to people. I can’t wait till a genius at T-Mobile realize that this is a problem. These salesman will never make a mistake and give you a better plan at a cheaper rate... the cards are always stacked against the consumer.

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          Re: Bait & Switch One Plan

          I'm so incredibly sorry to see this has happened to you.


          While we don't have direct account access here in support, I suggest reaching out to T-Force on FB or Twitter. This will ensure there's written documents of any advice or info given and thus avoid confusion or discrepancies.


          Hopefully they can see what's happening and help!