unremovable data passes


    on the 4th of January, i bought a month of unlimited data and after 7 hours, it was not applied to my account so i called again and they added a one time data pass (never once did the representative say that i would not be able to remove this after it had been applied) to my account while i waited and after several hours the prepaid plan that i had bought was finally applied after i physically went into the t mobile store and had them add it to my account. now, after the 1gb of data from the data pass was used, my data speeds for my unlimited plan is being reduced to under 100kbps and there is apparently NO WAY TO REMOVE THE ONE TIME PASS other than waiting 7 days with basically unusable data. i have called the 611 number an innumerable ammount of times trying to get this issue resolved and they basically told me that they have sent the issue to the engineering team (which cannot be contacted) and the problem will be resolved in 24-48 hours (which was promised to my by the manager of the technical support team, C.J.) and after 48 hours, not even a single thing has been done and i was told by another tech support rep that there is basically nothing that can be done other than waited the 7 days for the data pass to expire.


    moral of the story, dont recommend data passes after you have already sold me service if there is no way to remove the pass after the measly 1gb of data has been used.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: unremovable data passes

        Wow, this is definitely could have done a better job making sure we got you the right feature the first time. The feature should fall off after the data limit is exceed or the 7 days. Afterwards, you should be able to add the monthly data feature you actually want.