Year-end mileage


    On the SyncUp device we can categorize business trips. Is there something we have to do to get the total mileage for the year?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Year-end mileage

        I checked on this and I'm only seeing ways to view the trips and the distances you traveled on them, just not a end of year total. It does show how far you've traveled in the app correct?

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Year-end mileage

          Hey, rayk1984!


          Have you tried exporting your trip history to a .csv file then calculating the total mileage from there? You can follow these steps: 


          Export trip history

          1. In the app, tap the menu icon with three lines or settings gear.
          2. Tap [your email address] or Account.
          3. Tap Export Trip Data > Export.
            • A link to your trip history .CSV file will be emailed to the account used for your SyncUP DRIVE account.
            • If you have multiple cars, each one has its own .CSV files. The files will be compressed into a single ZIP file.