T mobile service on i95 from Maryland to Florida


    I am somewhat new to T mobile having switched From VZW, and I switched because of the little perks such as Netflix and international travel and so on.  HOWEVER....your signal flat out is terrible!


    For example, along i95 from Maryland to Florida signal is flat out weak and or nonexisten!  This is purely unacceptable! Looking at your coverage maps along this very straight forward route versus reality is a flat out lie.  Now I carry 2 phones and XR and an iPhone 7 both on T mobile.  Heck I got the XR for the esim option which T mobile has yet to support on post paid accounts only prepaid which was a gimmick to existing customers who have been long waiting for this feature.  Basically a bait a switch tactic to say he we promised something about esim by the end of 2018.  But that’s for another discussion.  Point is you all were fined heavily for your illegitimate practices and yet we seem to be back to false promises.  Simple solution is go back to my VZW service which I still have 6 lines on my account and moved 4 out of the 10 to TMO or ride this out.  You walk into a grocery store and it’s like a dark hole.  No signal.  Sure VZW has dropped calls but nothing compared to TMO.  Something needs to change! You all are in the process of buying sprint towers which by the way Sprint CDMA is terrible with no LTE over voice still.  It’s like going out of the frying pan into the fire.  TMO stores seem to be on every corner like a 7-11 but customer service and cellular service is absolutely terrible!  While I’m at it, get esim working already and stop acting like customers will stick around.  Last I check your paychecks rely on customers and customer retention. 

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