Digits (Samsung Note 9): How do I change the default line selection for a contact?


    Hey all -


    How do I change the default line selection for a number? This is in reference to the pop-up below, once you select "Set as default" I see no options to change it.


    WhatsApp Image 2019-01-03 at 6.46.14 PM.jpeg

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      • tmo_mike_c

        I'm guessing you're not going through DIGITS app and you don't have it installed right? Have you tried going to another number and trying? Also, does anything happen when you press set as default?

        • onerealjamaican

          Hey tmo_mike_c. Correct I am not gong through the Digits app and it is not installed as I am using the Multi-Line function built into the Note 9.


          To clarify the issue is not with the "Set as Default" button not working when selecting a line .The issue is not being able to change the default line for a contact after one has been set using the "Set as Default" button.




          Contact: Jane

          Work Line: WL

          Personal Line: PL


          If I dial Jane's number for the 1st time, I'll get a prompt asking me to "choose default line" (same as screenshot above). If I select my WL and select "Set as Default", each time I call Jane's number from the Contacts app going forward it will use my WL by default. If I want to use my PL to call Jane I can temporarily switch to that line from the Dialer prior to calling Jane. Which is not a problem.


          The problem is if I want to change the Default Line for Jane from my WL to my PL, there is not way to do so (at least I have not seen one). As a result I have to always manually switch it from the Dialer before calling once a default has been set. Also if you don't set a default you will continue to get that prompt each time you call a contact from the Contacts app.


          Replication Steps:


          1. Setup and activate multi-line on a device using two or more lines

          2. Select a contact from Contacts and press Call. This should get the "Choose Default Line" prompt.

          3. Choose a number and set as default

          4. Select that contact from Contacts and press Call. The default line should now be used to call the contact.

          5. How do I change the default lien from Step 3 for that contact?

          • tmo_mike_c

            Hi again. Were you able to try my suggestion above? Please let us know if that worked.