Which prepaid accounts work with DIGITS?


    There are tons of t-mobile support pages out there saying that DIGITS will work for prepaid customers. I've only been told here that DIGITS will work with multiple devices enabled. I cannot enable "multiple devices" (there is no option) when I log into my.t-mobile.com and go to my profile. Twitter support, facebook support, and phone support all say multiple devices are not available on prepaid plans. They also say DIGITS will not work on a prepaid plan - PERIOD. Why does the DIGITS support documentation continue to say that it will work with prepaid?

    Where is a definitive list of what plans will work with DIGITS or offer the "multiple devices" feature?


    DIGITS and prepaid.

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        Hey, justincideras!


        I see you tagged me in the post you linked to. I'm not too sure why I didn't receive a notification but I'm sorry for not replying sooner. Yes, there has been a lot of confusion on compatibility with prepaid and DIGITS plans. From reviewing the documentation available on our Support Community: 


        Who's eligible

        • Open to all US and Puerto Rico postpaid customers, including Simple Choice.
        • T-Mobile For Business customers are eligible, including T-Mobile For Business Indirect.
        • Customers without T-Mobile accounts can take advantage of the Non T-Mobile Talk & Text.
        • Accounts with DIGITS plans are subject to line limits (depending on credit class), including T-Mobile For Business.
        • Prepaid customers with a T-Mobile ID can take advantage of the DIGITS App. Additional DIGITS numbers are only available to postpaid customers.


        If you're looking for plans that you can have multiple numbers on, you'll need to switch over to postpaid to be eligible.

        • justincideras

          @tmo_amanda, I think the documentation is wrong. I cannot enable multiple devices on my prepaid account and you guys are the only support reps who say that prepaid works with digits. The phone support reps, the t-force reps, the twitter support reps all say that DIGITS does not work with any prepaid account. Nobody who works in DIGITS directly says it works either.


          If it's the case that digits does work with prepaid, I would like to know exactly which plan can use it or how I can get DIGITS working. I do not have the ability to turn on "multiple devices" in the my.t-mobile.com portal. I have tried the iOS, android, OSX, and web clients and none of them are able to register my phone number.


          I currently have the
          $50 T-Mobile ONE Prepaid Domestic Only plan.


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            I would like it better if DIGITS worked for prepaid accounts like the documentation currently says. It would be nice if it didn't cost 50% more just to use a smart watch, or be able to receive calls on an ipad. It's time T-Mobile stops treating pre-paid customers like second class citizens.