Ongoing Account Lockout, Phone Lockout, Spectacular Failure


    I'm logging in using the account for my T-Mobile tablet free 100 MB account because T-Mobile has locked me out of my account for many months because your system tells me I'm unauthorized to access my own account and many other customers on this new software are supposedly experience the same. @tmobile - While I am actually employed at a well recognized organization, please let me know to whom (specifically) to send my resume as I'm very seriously ready to go back to work in the telecom industry help fellow customers at what I thought was a Tier 1 mobile network operator that has become an embarrassing experience. You used to be my favorite carrier before it became manifestly clear you need substantial assistance from someone who values results and can improve customer acquisition and retention before the proposed merger.


    Problem #1) I cannot login to my account as I'm told that I'm not authorized to access my own account.


    Since my account was reset up on prepaid many months ago (long time prepaid customer, went to postpaid and back to prepaid) I receive a "you are not authorized to access this account" error message (or the like) after I can successfully login. I'm told that my account must be deleted and reset up, only to get the same result. After time my password doesn't work. I try to reset my password using the PIN I have confirmed is correct with support and I'm told that my account must be deleted and reset up - yet again. They need to send me a new PIN because the existing one isn't recognized. I use the new PIN sent to set a new password, login, and hit the same not authorized to access the account. When that fails, then the representative (located in a call center outside the US) explains that the accounts on the new software for T-Mobile Rebellion accounts which result in this failure, it's a known issue, their technicians are aware, they are "working on it" etc. - we're talking many months to login to a customer account and how is this considered acceptable even in the lowest of tiers?


    Problem #2) The T-Mobile phone I purchased which is eligible for unlock will not unlock using the app and escalation, whitelisting doesn't work, rinse, wash, repeat


    I purchased a phone that has been confirmed numerous times is eligible to be unlocked but each time I use the app, I'm told it's not eligible - neither the permanent unlock nor the temporary which is supposed to be automatic for 30 days. Multiple calls to support for hours (perhaps over a dozen by now) yield no success. Each time I'm told "thanks for your patience, we're going to re-escalate, whitelist" etc. I've gone through this process for what is nearing a dozen times, each time being told either something was wrong with the request or they are re-escalating, re-whitelisting, re-whatevering because the half-dozen or more earlier attempts didn't work. And then there are the promises of call backs from follow up which never happen.


    Buying a new phone for travel was obviously better than dealing with this fiasco. If I was paid minimum wage, at this point T-Mobile would probably owe me a year's worth of service just for the time I've spent on hold with support. So this whole "we apologize for the inconvenience" reply simply falls on deaf ears by now.


    So... thank you for reading. Let me know what can be done about:

    1. Problem #1, locked out of my account (I'm about to port my number so be quick)
    2. Problem #2, can't unlock the phone (I've bought a new one for travel since time = money but I'm still very interested to hear about a solution)
    3. Where and to whom I can send my resume so I can help you help an overwhelming number of T-Mobile customers and improve service


    PS - The irony. I typed this while being connected to T-Mobile support trying to fix this before my service ends for the month. And I was disconnected after the operator said she was finally able to access my account after initially having problems, wondering whether I was with a service partner. If I had a dollar or a peso for every time I heard an apology for the inconvenience...

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      • roadhouseblues

        So now I am officially logged into my account. As of this morning - after yet another password reset - I can login but instead of the "you are not authorized" error message I am bounced to the home page of the t-mobile prepaid website. I've used Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers with the same result. Tried a different computer and also the phone. I'm on the phone with support and apparently the team has been alerted of this problem already on others' accounts. Same wine, different bottle - ongoing problems with the system update on the new Rebellion accounts that they are having problems fixing. A known issue.


        I have never been able to login into my online account since it was transferred back to t-mobile prepaid many months ago.

          • roadhouseblues

            Apparently more research reveals I'm far from the only one unable to login to their "Rebellion" account online. And the phone issue is apparently the result of numerous messages that never led to full completion for whitelisting of the device - and is being followed up yet again.


            So in my final message (since these fundamental tasks will be completed whenever they will with no timetable): John and T-Mobile employees who may be reading... you know who I am through my account. Reach out. I'd much enjoy working at the innovative company that moved mobile coverage forward utilizing low frequency spectrum and has ambitions of even more return on investment to customers and investors post merger. I'd hate to see issues like these become even more troublesome and I'm the right person for this task, relentless in the pursuit of resolving fundamental issues with alacrity.

          • tmo_chris

            Hey roadhouseblues


            Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! I am very sorry that it had to be about such a poor experience though Customers having access to their online accounts to self serve is not only convenient for the customer but its also beneficial to us as it helps reduce calls so we totally understand the importance of getting these types of issues resolved quickly.


            The error "You are not authorized to access this account" is a known issue but we have a workaround which is sounds like it was finally done for you after so many calls and I sincerely apologize for that. The new issue you are having does sound to be like a browser related issue and you were diligent in testing other browsers and even another machine. Is it every link you click on the site that redirects you to the home page?


            As for the unlocking issue, I know it has been a couple days since it was last escalated, have you heard anything back on that yet?

            • dumberanddumbest

              Thanks for your reply, Chris. Unfortunately, over four months and counting I'm still locked out of my account. The issue I now have (immediate redirect) is not browser related since the same problem occurs on different machines and on at least 4 different browsers - and ultimately tech support confirmed it was yet another problem they have. Tried it again tonight - 5 days later - and still the same issue. Hard to believe.


              As to the unlocking issue... after a month's time, I'm glad to report that someone finally figured out what to do and the phone unlocked - unfortunately a day too late to be taken on the trip on which it was supposed to have been taken.

              • magenta7396835

                I am having this problem as well. You have the patience of a saint. I, however, am done.

                • roadhouseblues

                  Sorry to hear magenta and best of luck to you.


                  No, the redirect issue is as I mentioned and continues. I login to my T-Mobile account using the mytmobile link and I end up here: T-Mobile at the home page. Before I would be presented with my prepaid account front page. I got the same results trying on the phone. There is nothing I can do to obtain or make changes to my account except to call up support and have them help me. I've had to obtain help for payment information as well because any changes or modifications are out of my control.


                  I never thought the problem would extend beyond a month and certainly not into 2019 - but here we are.

                    • tmo_chris

                      Yikes.... okay. Well I know you have had a few support tickets opened up for this issue, do you happen to know when the last one was filed and have you heard back on it yet?

                        • roadhouseblues

                          The last one filed was last week I believe or it could have been around the time of the first message here on this topic - no, it was on January 3 when I had to get help to auto-refill my account because it didn't work and I couldn't login to my account. The answer was - we're aware of the issue and it's not only you affect, you'll just have to be patient... and we thank you for your patience.

                            • tmo_chris

                              roadhouseblues - So the redirect issue is not something that we are aware of and is more than likely specific to your account. There are a few issues we are tracking with prepaid log ins but this redirect issue is not one of them. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, I would recommend that you use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up you account history and check the status of any support tickets as well as escalate this issue if needed.


                              magenta7422793 - I am very sorry to hear that your wife is having issues getting into her account Have you already spoke with our over the phone support on this? We will need to speak with you directly about this so we open a support request if necessary.

                                • roadhouseblues

                                  @tmo_chris - Could be specific, just relaying what I was told when reporting it by phone, perhaps by the support member. There are actually a number of issues (and low hanging fruit) with the pre-paid support which can and should be changed. There are also surprisingly, some areas I've discovered which often make the T-Mobile support experience considerably better than it does by default, such as cutting down expected hold times by measures of hours - with no exaggeration.


                                  I'll go to FB/Twitter if this is preferred to reach the tech team. I appreciate your attention and front line assistance as a community manager here and directing traffic.


                                  PS - On a technical note, using the ampersand I cannot pull up your profile above and typed it out. Other @tmo_ members appear but not you (could be intentional such as forum settings but thought I'd let you know.)

                          • magenta7422793

                            The message I get for my wife's Pay as you go Phone since September is:


                            " We are currently having trouble with your request. Please wait a few minutes and try again. "


                            Furthermore the t-mobile app doesn't work on her phone nor does it work on my phone.

                            I just did a refill with *233 which took me about 5 minutes. It is really complicated to type in all those numbers.


                            I hope you get the problem resolved in the next few months.

                            • roadhouseblues


                              Thanks for the help. Just a follow up. (PS I can see your handle active now!)


                              I appreciated the willingness of people to help on social media but it requires needlessly connecting my phone number to social media accounts. In the end, they did offer another alternative. Unfortunately, I've gone this route too many times speaking to lines of support that can only say that it will be fixed when it happens or that the company is unaware. I'm willing take a call from a qualified engineer who can speak directly to the issue if necessary.


                              Ironically, my phone was disconnected because the autopay option which representatives have insisted was set (several times now) was not actually set. I never truly appreciated just how important seeing your account is until now. Thanks for your attempt to assist but there is only so much which can be done.

                              • roadhouseblues

                                I just spoke to support who confirmed that my phone was on autopay but it wasn't set up properly because it was done internally and I won't provide details of how the system shut me own (but should not have if proper validation was in place.) Support was very nice and understanding on the phone but still there are issues like this. As I mentioned, someone could and should contact me so issues like these can be resolved in a timely fashion.