Free data for life not working - anyone else?


    I've had "Free Data for life" on my tablet for a couple of years now.  In July 2018 or so, it suddenly stopped working.  I've already spent hours on the phone and a few more hours in store talking to support, after which they promised to get back to me (they never did).  The device can access the T-mobile homepage just fine (so it's not a hardware issue).  It just can't connect anywhere else, as if it's being blocked.


    Anyone else having any problem with "Free data for life"?  I'm in the SF Bay area, California, if that matters.


    I don't seem to have much leverage since it's not like I can ask for a refund...

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Have you ever switched plans or made any data changes? That feature isn't available anymore so significant changes like that will boot that features.

          • compuser

            Same device, same plan.  It was working up to early July.  Then one day in mid July, I was tried to use it and it wasn't working. I keep checking back every few weeks but it hasn't worked since.  I don't use it all that often (hence the FDFL is perfect for me).


            If it was something like that, certainly the people at the T-mobile store and phone support did not mention it.


            I haven't had the solid block of a few hours free to call them again, but perhaps I have to.

          • barcodeable

            I still have my FDFL Tablet Plan and it is still operational... i used it today to be sure it worked after I read your post.

              • barcodeable

                Early this month I contacted T-Force with questions regarding my data limit on 1 of my mobile internet lines.... I shouldnt have asked anything.... because a rep sent an update to all of my sim cards on my 5 mobile lines and a few days later... all of my FDFL was removed from 3 of my lines. I contacted T-Force back and they stated that they are sorry it was removed and they will put it back onto my lines... but Im waiting to get that text message that my FDFL has been renewed. . i will know more next month when it is scheduled to renew. It used to show up online as Free Data For life .20 GB available.... but now it shows nothing


                I merely asked a question... didn’t ask for any sim card updates !

              • barcodeable

                My 3 mobile internet lines with Free Data For Life (FDFL) has been successfully added back by T-Mobile T-Force Team. I‘m so happy I can see it with my own eyes ”FREE DATA FOR LIFE” when I log onto my account via the T-Mobile account website. Hopefully it won’t ever get inadvertently removed again.

                • moegooda

                  T-Mobile is pretty horrible all around. The data ALWAYS slows and for as big as the coverage area they claim to have it's always spotty as well. I've had better consistaco coverage with metroPCS. And they really rape a phone with their programming. I would have left years ago but my wife doesn't want to go anywhere else for cell phone service. I'm leaving my wife so I'll be leaving T-Mobile as well