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    my family has been a loyal T-Mobile customer since it was voice stream. I had my own account for five years with out a late payment . I decided to look at my bill today and realize that since the last account change, they have been charging for an additional line because it was not changed properly. I went in the store today to get it fixed. The team in the store seen the issue and they tried to help get it resolved. We had 2 “dropped calls” and then finally got a supervisor on the phone who corrected the problem. However her best response was I will credit you $20 that’s the best I can do we can only go back 2 months.. are you serious you have over charged me for 13 months owing me 260. I don’t understand why you can’t just credit me one months bill which will cover what I have been OVERPAYING for the last 13 months. Although small that is still theft Having paid for something I didn’t have.


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      • barcodeable

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        It’s actually in T-Mobile’s service agreement.... they are only obligated to go back X amount of months to refund/credit your account. I thought it was 3 months... but maybe it is 2 months. As i stated, this is written in T-Mobile’s service agreement. When you signup for service with T-Mobile, you agree to all the terms of this service agreement. It is at T-Mobile’s discretion to refund a full month of service. They refunded my account once... they did not give me the credit for my FREE lines on my account. When they finally gave me the credit... after approximately me paying 3 months for these free lines... i ended up not having to pay my bill for about 3 months.... i was very happy i finally received credits I was due.

        • syaoran

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          Service Agreement jargon aside.  You should reach out to the T-Force team through social media or e-mail John Legere and one of his Executive Team will reach out to you after a few days of reviewing the situation.  Unfortunately, posting his e-mail is frowned upon here but you can find it fairly easily with a quick search of his social media.  Best of luck getting this resolved!

          • tmo_mike_c

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            Man, this rough especially for such a longer time customer. You can totally give our T-Force team another shot at trying to help with this. It's hard to say if more can be done to help on your account, but it's worth a try.