Mirror Linking?


    How do I mirror link my phone to my ZTE projector to watch movies on my phone through the projector?

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      • snn555

        Re: Mirror Linking?

        What sort of phone do you have? Does it have OTG support? Does it have any sort of HDMI mini port? Unless your projector has some sort of Miracast mirror support Chromecast something you'll need the physical cable to make that work.


        Some phones in the past either had a miniature HDMI port or were able to link up from the charging port of the phone with a special cable and adapter.


        Or it may be completely possible that your phone does not support this feature.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Mirror Linking?

          snn555 asked some great questions. Please, give us a reply and let us know more details so we can help. Thanks.