eSim - porting number in (or out)


    Hello.  I'm considering trying T-Mobile Prepaid using an eSim (I understand at this point that eSim only works on prepaid, and I'm not interested in a postpaid account at this time.)


    I realize this is all new, but does anyone know if I can port in an existing number (from another carrier) to a T-Mobile prepaid eSim?  Or am I limited to getting a new number for the eSim?    And, if I decide later that I don't like the service (can't imagine, but possible), would I then be able to port the number back out of the eSim to another carrier (traditional, or eSim as well)?

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      • magenta7278564

        Re: eSim - porting number in (or out)

        Online chatted about it just now; I have an AT&T physical SIM and want to port the number to Tmo eSIM.


        Here's a snippet of the chat. It seems to me that "getting a new number" and "porting old number to it" are two independent things.


        • Tmo: Thanks for waiting, so you will keep the same phone number. as long as you get our sims first, you will have a temporary number for a couple days until your carrier releases your number.
        • Me: As you said "you will have a temporary number for a couple days until your carrier releases your number"... when I get a tmo number with esim prepaid plan, what can i do to port my att number to tmo?
        • Tmo: We will take care of the process for you, we have a team the Number Transfer Center,
        • Tmo: We would send you the sims, you would activate them, that is when we contact your carrier to start the port-in process that will take a day or so then you can cancel with your carrier.


        The representative above didn't seem to understand my question completely; he/she didn't seem to have rich knowledge about eSIM either. But I think I'll take the risk and give it a try.

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: eSim - porting number in (or out)

          Hey magenta7268924 


          You can totally port your number in and use it on a T-Mobile prepaid account on eSIM. Did you get a chance to call us already?


          As for porting out, there will be no issue with that either.

            • magenta7452550

              Re: eSim - porting number in (or out)

              I am a tmo post paid customer looking to move my number to prepay eSIM and they say it can't be done which I can't believe especially given this thread.  I have set up an eSim account with a new number and it seems pretty easy to port the number across...  especially if its easy to port from another carrier!  Any help welcome - on the line with the prepay team right now!

                • tmo_chris

                  Re: eSim - porting number in (or out)

                  Hey magenta7452550


                  Sorry for the delay in responding to you How did things go with our prepaid team? We totally have a process from converting to prepaid from postpaid.

                    • magenta7452550

                      Re: eSim - porting number in (or out)

                      Disaster. The eSIM wouldn't load on my phone and so they told me my iOS Xs wasn't able to have two Tmo lines and that there was no way of having a line they had sold me and tried to port the number across to.  I have since signed up for Verizon eSIM which took 5 minutes but my phone can't be ported over becasue it is stuck in some porting loop of hell.  I spent 5 hours trying to get eSIM and not I am up to 2 hours trying to get my unblocked from porting.  4 departments, and the hell continues.  Why would anyone sign up for this?