eSim - porting number in (or out)


    Hello.  I'm considering trying T-Mobile Prepaid using an eSim (I understand at this point that eSim only works on prepaid, and I'm not interested in a postpaid account at this time.)


    I realize this is all new, but does anyone know if I can port in an existing number (from another carrier) to a T-Mobile prepaid eSim?  Or am I limited to getting a new number for the eSim?    And, if I decide later that I don't like the service (can't imagine, but possible), would I then be able to port the number back out of the eSim to another carrier (traditional, or eSim as well)?

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      • magenta7278564

        Re: eSim - porting number in (or out)

        Online chatted about it just now; I have an AT&T physical SIM and want to port the number to Tmo eSIM.


        Here's a snippet of the chat. It seems to me that "getting a new number" and "porting old number to it" are two independent things.


        • Tmo: Thanks for waiting, so you will keep the same phone number. as long as you get our sims first, you will have a temporary number for a couple days until your carrier releases your number.
        • Me: As you said "you will have a temporary number for a couple days until your carrier releases your number"... when I get a tmo number with esim prepaid plan, what can i do to port my att number to tmo?
        • Tmo: We will take care of the process for you, we have a team the Number Transfer Center,
        • Tmo: We would send you the sims, you would activate them, that is when we contact your carrier to start the port-in process that will take a day or so then you can cancel with your carrier.


        The representative above didn't seem to understand my question completely; he/she didn't seem to have rich knowledge about eSIM either. But I think I'll take the risk and give it a try.

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: eSim - porting number in (or out)

          Hey magenta7268924 


          You can totally port your number in and use it on a T-Mobile prepaid account on eSIM. Did you get a chance to call us already?


          As for porting out, there will be no issue with that either.