Mobile Data stopped working after refilling prepaid plan. Anyone have a solution?




    I've been a T-Mobile prepaid customer for at least a year on the $50 plan with unlimited calls text and 10GB data and had the Huawei Mate 9, then essential phone PH-1.


    This is the first time I've encountered this problem. I've used a $50 card to refill my plan. All the sudden, it had a pop up showing me to log in to T-MOBILE stating that I had no data and to either renew early or change my plan.


    I've since then contacted T-MOBILE three times. Reset the APN, network settings, the airplane mode, gone to the *#*#4636 messed around with all that, put it on auto as far as the whole LTE, 4G, CDMA, removed Sim and back in, device software updated, and still nothing.


    Sadly, I've purchased two prepaid cards and I haven't been able to use my phone properly yet 10 days into my renewal. T-Mobile created a support ticket or something that they'd contact me in three business days and still have yet to do so. Phone and texting seem to be working.


    Please let me know if you may know what the issue may be. This is extremely frustrating. I put the Sim in my old phone and had the same issue so it can't be the phone. I'd appreciate any help.

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