S8 Multi-Line Support vs DIGITS


    I had the Multi-line settings set up on my Samsung S8 and it was working great.  (I am subscribed to the DIGITS service).


    However, somewhere in the last couple months or so, I have been having problems with it and I have been getting errors that the second line is not available and a message something to the effect that it is not ready.   So I have tried a couple things including setting the phone back to factory settings to clear the line and re-add it, but unfortunately that didn't work.    


    I also took the phone to a T-Mobile store to have them help me, but apparently this feature isn't used very often and the folks there had no idea what to do.


    So, I have resorted to resetting again and just using the Digits app. However, I don't really like the DIGITS app, I can't specify in the app, which contacts are work contacts and which are personal contacts.  Which I could do if I used the line set up with multi-line settings.   I also get so many spam phone calls and I cannot block phone numbers in the app and I get so many annoyance calls that it's really annoying and nothing I can do about it.


    I should also mention, the Name ID app doesn't always work (where I can block calls) but it rarely comes up when people are calling and doesn't block calls appropriately.   It actually worked better when I had the Multi-Line settings set up on the phone.


    So my questions:   How do I get the Multi-Line settings to work again?   Is this something that was disabled by t-mobile so that we would have to use the DIGITS app?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: S8 Multi-Line Support vs DIGITS

        Hey there! DIGITS is still alive and well and if the phone has multi-line options, it is preferred to be used that way. The errors you are getting are going to be network side and we would actually need to open a support ticket with our engineers for this. While the folks at the stores are super knowledgeable, it is true that they may not work with DIGITS every day. The best bet would be for you to call us so that our Team of Experts (folks that see all kinds of issues every day) can do a deeper investigation on the network side and open the ticket if needed.

        • westrex

          Re: S8 Multi-Line Support vs DIGITS

          You are not alone, remv. I'm experiencing the same issue. I called and they had me make sure I didn't experience any trouble with the DIGITS app, just when I used multiline, which is the case. I still need to call back to confirm that it is just when the multi-line settings are on. Who knows what they'll be able to do to fix this or not. I'm sort of just resigned that I'll be stuck with the digits app.

          I have got to think this isn't just a one-off.