Fighting robo callers / disabling name id


    So I have this issue and something needs to change within T-Mobile.


    First I currently have the ONE Plus plan on my account. Since it's bundled with a lot great perks which I often use but I wish there's a feature where I can disable NameID. I've contacted support numerous of times; also as well went to the T-Mobile stores and they all said since it's bundled they can't disable it unless I remove the ONE Plus plan.


    For the past year I've been receiving a lot of neighbor spoofing. Since I'm using an iPhone and NameID is enabled, All I see is just these calls with fake names. I'd RATHER see peoples numbers than names. If the phone call is from someone from my contact list it'll SHOW up as the contact. As of right now I would need to wait or hang up the call and look in my recent calls to show me the number. It's quite annoying. There's times I expect a phone call from someone and since I don't know what their names are I have to pick up. I've picked up robo calls cause I couldn't see the number that was dialing me. If I would have seen it I would of knew it was a neighbor spoofing call.


    Please give us the ability to disable NameID or have it display the number with the name.


    Also think about creating a feature to block a range of numbers. I don't know anybody that has the first 6 digits of my cellphone number ie: (123) 456 - XXXX. My entire block list are numbers from my first 6 digits. I don't know anybody that starts with those numbers except me. So I wouldn't mind blocking any number that starts with 123456.

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