Can't pay bill online after canceling service?


    I canceled service and the autopay apparently left a small balance ($7) on my account, which t-mobile now wants me to pay manually ... I go to the links included in the bill, all of which require me to login, which is fine, except that it also requires a pin sent to the account's phone number ... which was reverted to some other number after I transferred to Verizon. I don't have any idea what that number belongs to, as near as I can tell, it's just some random number that T-Mobile associated with my account - no device has ever had that number (I've always ported the same numbers for the last 15+ yrs).


    I could call ... but the bill states that talking to a hu-man means paying an additional $8 service charge ... seems a tad ludicrous.


    Is there any way to sort this out online and just give them my money?!


    Thanks in advance.

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