Don't presume Support will help if you need to set up account.


    Catch 22: Can't replenish hotspot online without setting up account. If account wasn't set up BEFORE you run out, you can't set up to replenish.  Need to verify HOTSPOT Phone number (which you have to be able to access admin hotspot, but no way to get text if you don't have active account!  Phone support can't help.  Only way to verify is to put sim in another phone, or take to T-mobile store. but again, no service, no text! T-mobile is cheapest, but support (when you can understand them) is worthless. PLUS: because if you don't get to login to renew before current plan expires, they kill the sim.  I have run out of email addresses to use for accounts as only 1 email per 1 device.


    Purpose was to set up remote monitoring.  REMOTE key word as I am not near the hotspot to take to store.


    Is it just me, or does anyone else have issues here?


    And $5 fee to pay by phone?? Defeats the savings.

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