Switching from another provider to T-Mobile


    I'm a bit confused and more than a bit upset. About a month ago, after a horrific problem with my previous provider, I decided to switch to T-Mobile. I liked the idea of knowing my proper bill amount every month (my previous provider, the bill was different every month!) plus the military discount (I'm a veteran). When I went into the store, I had a printout of the devices on my plan at the time (four phones, one iPad) along with a printout of the payoff amounts. The rep also had my login for my previous provider.


    At the time, I was told my devices would be paid off, but I also asked if they assessed an ETF, what about that? I was told not to worry, that if my old account assessed an ETF on top of the phone payoffs, to just come back in, and they would handle it.


    Well, the rep at the store (who, by the way, ISN'T the person who handled my account the day I signed up) told me that too bad..the phones I turned in, the credit went towards my new phones (how so? those are on a payment plan) and that there is nothing that can be done. I am on the hook for ETF fees with my old provider totaling $700!! When I explained that I was told that if an ETF were assessed after the fact it would be handled, she basically again just said too bad.


    So now I am stuck with a nearly $700 bill for ETFs with my old provider, and service with T-Mobile that quite frankly stinks! I barely have service in my home, have several dead zones right near my home, and overall had I known about the issue of switching providers and the ETFs and how they wouldn't cover it (despite saying they would) I would have never switched!


    Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, did you ever get it resolved?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Switching from another provider to T-Mobile

        Hey jamvan5150


        I am very sorry that your switch to us has started off rocky It sounds like you were trying to take advantage of our carrier freedom promotion where we reimburse your device payment plan or ETF (which is for service cancellation). When you trade in phones, we provide you with a trade-in credit which can either be on your bill or towards the new devices you purchase from us. This trade in credit is part of your reimbursement since the phones you are trading in are not actually fully yours since you still owe money on them. If you owe more on your phone that what we provide you as a trade-in credit, we will send you the remainder in via a prepaid card. The total amount of the reimbursement is up to $650.


        When you say you have ETFs with your previous carrier, are these charges for canceling service or are these charges for the remaining amount you owe on your phones?


        As for the coverage issues, I totally understand the importance of having reliable coverage, especially where you live and spend the majority of your time. Can you please provide me with your ZIP code and cross streets as well as what kind pf phones you got with us? I would like to take a closer look at the coverage map to see what the expected coverage should be?

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