Store Complaint: off to a bad start T-Mobile- high workers and being turned away twice when trying to come over from ATT


    For Christmas I was extremely excited to bring my entire family (5 Lines) over from ATT to Tmobile ! boy have things started off on the wrong foot. several family members have been in the military and spoke highly of T-Mobile (quality, price and the way they treat the military).


    I walked into a T-Mobile store in narragansett Rhode Island yesterday at 4:35 PM with my father and we were going to trade in our families phones and sign up 5 lines on T-Mobile. Instead we were met by a young man who was sitting at a table with a girl who didn’t work at the store. He came over, stumbled and his eyes were red. Speaking in long nonsensical sentences he said he couldn’t help Us Because we didn’t have an account. I explained again that we were coming from att and would need to create an account. He turned us away because he said his system would shut down at 5pm. It seemed in reality like he wanted to leave ASAP and hang out with his girlfriend.


    Today- Christmas Eve- I called ahead to the same store to tell them we would be coming in and to make sure we could deal with a professional And a women said to come in. We arrived at 5:15 once again to the store to seem the same young kid. I asked him where the woman I spoke to on the phone was. “Uhhhhhh amber I dunno lemme see”. Amber came out and told us that she didn’t have enough time to help us because T-Mobile support would close and if anything went wrong we would be out of luck. She was more professional, but just barely. So on Xmas eve no new phones for my family and still on att. I hope this isn’t par for the course and I can only imagine what the owners of the store and reps from T-Mobile would think. I hope you have higher standards for your employees and customer service. We shall see how the family feels about the change after Christmas.

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