Issues with Galaxy bogo promotion


    Hi this is very frustrating. i joined T-Mobile in sept of 2017, and took apart in galaxy s8 plus buy one get one free promotions,


    Store rep was suppose to be submitting the buy one get one free promotions but apparently didn't happen or system error happened.


    I met every single qualification for the promotion but T-mobile is refusing to give me what they owe me!


    instead they offered me $400 bill credit instead of $1600,, thats a big difference, I refused the credit since i was going to keep fight to get the full amount, but the


    rude customer care representative decided to ignore me and just apply the $400 credit... I keep going to the store to see if there is an update and NOTHING is


    happening, so i decided to write something. What made me more disappointing is that one of my close friend has had the same problem happen with Galaxy note


    8 BOGO promotion, and the customer care rep told her "Since it is after the final submission date they couldn't issue an prepaid master card any more but they


    were more than happy to apply FULL AMOUNT credit to her account..


    Please look over this message and help


    Please message me back.


    Thank you for your time

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      • syaoran

        Re: Issues with Galaxy bogo promotion

        You should reach out to the T-Force team on Facebook or Twitter.  From my understanding, applying a $400 credit is beyond what the regular tier of CSR's can apply. 

        • tmo_lauren

          Re: Issues with Galaxy bogo promotion

          Hey there!


          When you speak to representatives, do they give a reason for your credit not being issued? If all qualifications are met and you properly submitted, I am not sure why it wouldn't have been properly issued.


          Have you reached out to T-Force like suggested above? We can give general info through here, however we don't have access ere on the support forums.